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Telecom Towers   
- ASP manufactures a wide range of cellular communications towers in the region. Our broad range of quality telecom towers are based on international standards and benchmarks, and are built using the sturdiest of construction methods. They are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

- Self-supporting towers and guided towers can both be produced  by ASP.

- ASP is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services for clients, which includes the design and manufacturing of these towers, to ensure that we meet the needs and requirements of each of our clients.

As one of the leading telecom tower manufacturers in the region, ASP is readily able to supply different quantities of towers that suit the needs of our clients, thanks to our wide range of standard tower designs. 

ASP's telecom towers are available in diverse sizes and shapes that include:
1. Tubular mast ranging from 3 to 12-meter rooftop. 
2. Tubular towers ranging from 12 to 24-meter triple leg, for rooftop and field solutions.
3. Lattice towers ranging from 12 to 60- meters, which include a configurations of four leg solutions.

 ASP also produces different steel accessories for telecom sites, such as:
a. Tower, pole and wall antenna brackets
b. Special roof top solutions depending on the requirements and the consultation report
c. Steel beams
d. Steel fences
e. Steel ladders
f. AC steel cages
g. Cable tray supports
h. Special steel structure designs